Work Place Testimonials

  • "Thank you for your time, expertise, energy and compassion. We were desperate for the chance to talk, share and be open with one another. It could not have been more timely or more appropriate given the circumstances we have been dealing with over the last several weeks. Thank You for guiding us through this journey of reflection."
  • "Karen consistently receives raving comments. Employees thank me for bringing her, and thank me for her ability to positively impact their lives. Karen is certainly transformational and has an undeniable energy to her."
    Manager of Organizational Development and Training
  • "Thank you for this very meaningful debriefing session today. I found the experiences that you share, your stories, words of encouragement and advice very valuable. I am sure that most, if not all of my team, feel the same way too."
    Manager of Team Dealing with COVID-19 Pandemic
  • "Thank you so much for coming out to our site. My team really enjoyed your insight and advice. You helped us to comprehend our issues. I am confident that you have assisted us to get back on track.”"
  • "I didn't know I needed to talk with Karen until I spoke to her; I will enourage others to speak with her."
    Worker at company during Covid- 19 Pandemic
  • "Your warmth and authentic presence allowed you to be there for my team through our loss."
    Manager of Business effected by death of Employee
  • "I appreciate and admire what I saw, and felt your work accomplished in this one single session."
    Group Participant of Workplace Undergoing Rapid
  • "This was Karen’s second time onsite this year and both times she was highly praised by leadership and team members."
    Company Effected by Robbery
  • "Manager was very happy with all of the services provided and said, ‘You are absolutely fantastic."
    Feedback from Employee Assistance Program
  • "I greatly appreciate how you conducted the intervention. You gave everyone who spoke your full attention."
    Crisis Response Group Participant
  • "Karen is very easy to talk to and very understanding."
    Essential Worker
  • "Karen gave me tips and advice I will execute"
    Participant of Crisis Response Support
  • "This session was exactly what I needed. Thank you."
    Participant Dealing with Stress in the Workplace
  • "The quotes you shared and the anecdotal stories were very on point for the team."
    Site Contact, Dealing with Death of Team Member



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