Crisis Intervention

"When we face the worst that can happen in any situation, we grow.  When circumstances are at their worst, we can find our best."  -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

A crisis is a time of great instability; a moment of truth which in fact is most unsettling. This experience of feeling unable to control our life can also be a turning point. It is a time where important change does occur requiring clear guidance.

Adversity also affords us the opportunity for great movement forward in our lives if we can recognize our strength and learn to look for the "pearl" in the situation. My dear teacher often reminded me that a pearl is formed from the "irritant' of the oyster and through these irritations come a beautiful Pearl. 

Many of the clients I see, come for a consultation due to a crisis situation in their personal, social or work life. We work together in that initial session to create a plan of action to alleviate the pressure they are experiencing in that momen. We craft actions they will need to take in order to move forward to where they desire to be in their lives.

We humans are very resiliant and it's usually just a matter of mobilizing inner resources and fostering self care, sometimes linking up with personal or community support. Most of my clients do not require long term counseling but return for what I call "tune ups" from time to time in order to enhance the peace and joy they are so deserving of.



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