Live Video Sessions

In additon to therapy sessions in my office, I also provide what's referred to as Teletherapy. This means the ability to have therapy sessions through a live video connection over the internet. The session is done just as if we were meeting in person, yet takes place through the computer, with the ability to view one another. If you have ever used skype on your computer or Face Time on your iPhone, you have used the kind of technology that teletherapy uses. 

It is HIPAA compliant , which means that the connection is confidential and secure for complete privacy. The technology is also very easy to use. All you will need is your computer or cell phone with a built in camera. This gives me the ability to service clients who reside throughout the state of Florida, for which I am licensed.

Many of my local clients also enjoy the flexibility of working from their office, travel location, or the ease of working together with their spouses or family from the comfort of their home. The technology is usually most effective and it is quite possible that we will forget that we are not in the same room. I do have the technology to conference in two locations, when family members are in various locations.

If you would like to utilize this service, I will walk you through this process and will send you a personal appointment link prior to your session.

Please make sure you have a webcam set up on your cell phone, laptop or desktop PC or Mac, and make sure you have a stable internet connection.



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