My Story

by Karen Rubinstein, M.S., L.M.F.T., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

In 1998 after experiencing a cellular challenge with breast cancer, I embarked upon a deep spiritual journey to find wholeness and self empowerment. This had been a lifelong dream of mine and I am testimony to the truth that difficult times can often bring new learning and miraculous gifts our way.

 I was someone who spent many years acquiring self knowledge and had many achievements in my personal and professional life, yet still found myself trapped by many fears, anxiety, and the harsh expectations I placed on myself. I was full of doubt, never feeling “good enough."  The challenge with my physical health propelled me to seek greater spirtual wisdom as I knew that I could not go on like that.

Over the years I have come to know a very loving God and a very loving ME! I have learned that God loves me unconditionally, something that is very challenging for most of us to truly believe. The feelings of love and peace that I experience along my journey have been so profound and have forever changed my life and my work as a therapist...........

As an outgrowth of my personal work, I began to see that there was so much more "out there" in the universe to provide healing. In 2000, I opened a therapeutic holistic center to assist individuals and families in reaching their maximum potential for health, happiness and prosperity. Over the years, I have incorporated a very spiritual and loving approach, alongside with my more traditional methods of practicing therapy. I truly understand what my clients are experiencing because I have "BEEN WHERE THEY ARE". I, too, have learned that in the release of relationships and situations that no longer work for me, the universe ALWAYS gives me better. Release is difficult at the time, yet necessary if we are to receive the blessings that are waiting for us.

As I am healed, I become a precious vessel to pass these healing gifts along to my clients. As I pay it forward, I teach my clients what I have learned, that there is NOTHING that God cannot heal and no situation that Our Creator cannot bring peace to. I am so grateful to be finally living my life with this truth and enjoying the love and peace that surround me. I am a miracle of God as we all are. There is no greater joy in my life than to share this information and to witness my clients healing and creating the deepest desires of their hearts.

* Please note that it makes no difference what term we use to describe our Creator: He, She, It, The Universe, The Force, love. What matters is that we believe in something greater than ourselves and recognize that we are not all alone in managing the challenges that come our way.  As we begin to notice synchronicity in our lives and that there are no coincidences, we experience the excitement, humor and miracles in our everyday lives. *



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