I have reached out to Karen for what I call “tune ups” throughout the years. Every situation is vastly different from the one before; becoming a teacher, getting married, and most recently becoming a mother. Amazingly, she remembers every detail of our prior conversations and never fails at leading me back to a place of peace and love. I guess you could say that she helps me to bring out the best in myself."
  • "Karen’s tireless support as a counselor made the difference. Her compassion and thorough handling during my working with her helped me plan and manage any eventuality that surfaced. I sometimes found myself questioning God’s wisdom, if not His existence. Karen helped me hang onto my faith and strengthen my relationship with God. Her understanding helped me see the world, my purpose, and my life in a different light."
    P.R., Government employee
  • "I met Karen Rubinstein at a seminar at Barry University where she was talking about “Stress in the Workplace”. This was shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew this woman was there for me! She was going to teach me how to get through this horrific challenge. Each visit I had I experienced a change in me. I began once again to have faith that I knew I was going to come to the other side of this. I am still in treatment. I can’t imagine how I could have gone through the entire unknown without her. I am forever grateful for what she has taught me and will continue to teach me."
    Susan N. Leff
  • "Karen has been a life savor. I am very picky about therapists. I have had numerous therapists throughout my life and Karen is the first and only therapist that I ever truly trusted. I can discuss anything with her because she is non judgmental, compassionate and she truly listens. Karen has been my conduit for change, supporting me in creating a life beyond my wildest dreams. Her suggestions have made all the difference because she gives specific actions that seem possible to do. She gives me hope and confidence that I am capable of change, and that my situation will improve. I believe Karen’s words because she is authentic and real. She speaks to me with respect and encouragement. I have been able to change my hopelessness and self-destructive patterns with Karen walking me through positive steps of change, and through her coaching, seem doable and possible. When I'm feeling hopeless and discouraged, I find myself seeking her support, because her wisdom gives me faith and hope."
  • "When I met Karen Rubinstein, I was in a vulnerable place in my life. I was going through a divorce, had two small children, no family in Florida and lots of questions about my future. Karen’s insights from her own journey taught me that there is no perfection on earth and that I must surrender my challenges to a Higher Being. I never knew what it meant to surrender. She told me if I wanted to achieve my dreams, then I would need to pray for guidance, be powerful, go forward and believe it would happen. I will never forget her saying “show the universe you mean business and start packing those boxes”. Do the action and forget about the results. Today I have achieved my dream of moving back to my home state with my children. Now when difficulties arise I surrender to the path of love, serenity and self respect. Thank you, Karen for being who you are, and for teaching me the wonderful techniques that allow me to strive to be the very best “Me”."
    All my love, Sharlene
  • "Karen has helped me find the boundaries in my life with work, family and other relationships that keep me in balance. Setting these boundaries has been essential to maintaining more consistency in my life. I am more productive at work and in my life. In a short period of time, she has helped me look inside myself for answers. I cannot express the appreciation I have for Karen and what she has helped me accomplish. I am eternally grateful to her for helping me do what I needed to do for myself."
  • "When I first met Karen I had been on my job almost twenty years, having been promoted to manager a few years prior. I loved my job and believed that if I worked hard and treated people right, I would be okay. I did not realize that it was the beginning of a descent that would pierce my very soul. When I came for my first session I could barely think straight as another person’s actions were dramatically altering my world and a lifetime of hard work. What did impress me was how genuinely kind Karen was. She really listened to me without glancing at her watch, or looking around the room. When I finished telling her about the situation I was experiencing which made it impossible for me to do my job, she told me that a healthy person would not tolerate that kind of abuse. With Karen’s guidance, I was able to realize that, there is no job worth the complete stripping of who we are as individual human beings. I was then able to find the lost boundaries of where a job ended, and I began."
    Grateful Client
  • "About 9 years ago I reached a breaking point. I was not satisfied with myself, my family, or my path. I knew I needed clarification and, generally, some help. A friend of the family recommended that I talk with Karen. I remember immediately feeling warmth and sincerity. Over the course of about a year, Karen helped me to become a bit more self-actualized and aware. I was given tools that have proven invaluable in maintaining perspective, clarity, and, most important, love. I created a mantra based upon the many hours spent with Karen: “I am loved, I am blessed, I am thankful, and I am protected.” These few words along with prayer have guided me through some trying times."



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