Stress Management

We all experience stress in our lives, even children.  I remember when I was working as a counselor in an elementary school, my friend,  the speech therapist, shared with me a little drawing that she gave to the children she worked with. It was a picture of a goldfish swimming in a food blender, electrical chord already plugged into the wall.  The caption read,  "And you thought there was stress in YOUR life!" That drawing always comes to mind  when I hear the word, STRESS.

Common signs of stress can include:


Anxiety and Depression

Feeling overloaded

Distubed Sleep

Changes in Appetite (either not eating or eating too much) or increased use of alcohol or cigarettes

Difficulty concentrating 

Procrastination and many other symptoms

In preparing for a talk I was giving on stress some years back , I learned  that " Stressed"  spelled backwards is "Desserts". 

 A  bit of stress can be motivating. Carrying too much stress is not a good thing because it can make us ill.   Learning how to manage the stress in our lives in a more positive way, assists us to grow and change for the better. If we view stress in this way we can see it as a gift and an opportunity to view the world differently leading us to live healthier and more joyous  lives.

Over the years I have created a few tips that may be helpful in managing stress:



Create An Action Plan

Be Honest With Yourself

Engage In A Healthy Lifestyle

Balance Work and Play

Spend Time in Nature

Be Gentle With Yourself

Maintain A Belief System

Accept What You Cannot Change

Practice Gratitude

* Speaking to a professional can often be helpful in order to identify those things that are beyond your control and to create an individual plan of action tailered to reduce and manage more effectively your unique circumstances*



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