Couples Counseling

An Initial session is usually triggered by some sort of crisis or one partner admits that they cannot continue feeling dissatisfied with the current state of the relationship. 

I explain to couples I treat that in my experience if one partner is not happy, the other one could not be either even if those feelings have been buried. I also share that when there is a problem in a relationship that communication is usually at the core of it.  My role is to help facilitate healthier communication between the two.

I spent many years studying Imago Relationship therapy created by Harville Hendrix and his wife Helen Hunt.  I have found it helpful in my own relationships as it fosters a beautiful way of creating connection and  hearing another without defensiveness. I also teach my couples other processes that are additionally helpful in creating increased intimacy, peace and joy.

Couples counseling affords an opportunity to explore where is the couple now and where do they desire to be.  We discuss what will need to change in order to transform the relationship to bring about deeper connection.



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